We are a Rights Respecting School


Rhos Primary School is a Rights Respecting School, this means that most children are aware of ‘The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’, or UNCRC. The Convention has 54 articles, these articles cover all aspects of a child’s life including ensuring that children are aware of their political, social and cultural rights. All children are entitled to these rights. The UNCRC ensures that adults and governments must work together to allow children to have access to their rights.


Rhos Primary School has been awarded bronze status thus far, for the ‘Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA). We are currently working towards achieving our silver accreditation.

photo of Rights Ambassadors 2019/2020



The role of our Rights Ambassadors:

  • To meet at least once every 4 weeks to discuss class and whole school plans regarding children’s rights.
  • To ensure that pupils in our school are familiar with the UNCRC and their rights.
  • To plan different monthly activities relating to rights.
  • To plan and deliver different assemblies relating to key topics and rights of the month.
  • We will begin planning and working on different charity and global events.
  • To liaise with staff and governors to discuss what we think should happen relating to our rights.


We will keep you updated with our work!