Meet the staff

Staff – Who are we?

We have a well qualified and dedicated team of staff who put the needs of pupils at the forefront of their work. A large proportion of our staff readily devote their time after school and during residential weeks so that all pupils experience and  achieve their potential.


DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Ms Jones  ( Reception teacher)

KEY STAGE 2 LEADER  Miss Cox (Y5/6 teacher)


Miss  Cox Year 5/6
Mrs. Hanford Year 4/5
Mrs. Cooper Year 3/4
Mrs. Chick Year 1/2
Ms Jones Reception
Mrs. Davies Nursery

Teaching Assistants

Mr. Rourke
Mrs.  Herbert
Mrs. Jones      
Mrs. Skinner    
Miss Stilwell
Miss Francis

Miss Shelley-Ranson

Support Staff 

Ms.  Bevan School Clerk
Mr. Williams Caretaker
Mrs. Jones

Mrs.  Battenbough

Mrs. Palmer

Lunchtime Supervisors

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

All our staff undergo a comprehensive induction programme on entry to the school in addition to their initial teacher training. We also invest heavily in Continuing Professional Development for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching.