Meet the staff

Staff – Who are we?

We have a well qualified and dedicated team of staff who put the needs of pupils at the forefront of their work. A large proportion of our staff readily devote their time after school and during residential weeks so that all pupils experience and  achieve their potential.


DEPUTY HEADTEACHER Mrs Claire Jones  (and Reception/Year 1 Teacher)


Miss Suzanne Cox Year 5/6
Mr Hanford Year 4/5
Mrs Karen Cooper Year 3/4
Mrs Sharon Chick Year 1/2
Ms Claire Jones/Miss Emily Diamond Reception/Year 1
Miss Lauren James Nursery

Teaching Assistants

Mr Jason Rourke
Mrs Kerry Herbert
Mrs Gaynor Jones      
Mrs Julie Skinner    
Miss Cath Stilwell


Support Staff 

Ms Bethan Bevan School Clerk
Mr Geraint Williams Caretaker
Mrs Claire Jones

Mrs Pamela Battenbough

Mrs Eileen Palmer

Lunchtime Supervisors

Continued Professional Development (CPD)

All our staff undergo a comprehensive induction programe on entry to the school in addition to their initial teacher training. We also invest heavily in Continuing Professional Development for all staff, both teaching and non-teaching.